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Family Tenting Available
* For large group functions please email the office with details of your event. *

About Us

Welcome to Milton Heights Campground

  • We are a family-oriented campground located about 40 km (25 mi) west of Downtown Toronto, and just off of Highway 401.

  • Located in the GTA Milton Heights is open year-round and available for stays up to 11 months maximum, long-term stays, and transient short-term stays. Our park has water and electricity (15 amp) and full service (30 and 50 amp). Located on each site are a firepit and a picnic table for your convenience


  • Our RV winter camping is available for adults only and only for full-service sites.


  • We are central to many popular cities and attractions for those looking to visit Toronto, Niagara Falls, and surrounding areas.


  • We have a laundry facility and a newly remodeled, modern washrooms located on the park.


  • We have an outdoor pool and a store open during our summer season where there are treats and items for sale. 


  • Public transit is available in town where you can take a bus or train into downtown Toronto to see all that the city has to offer. For your shopping needs, we are about a 10-minute drive from Toronto Premium Outlets, which is the first Premium Outlet Center in Canada.

Rules & Regulations
Campground Rules & Regulations

Rule and Regulations revisions and/or changes may not be reflected on this website. 

for the most up to date information please contact the office

The Management and Staff at Milton Heights Campground strive to provide a clean, safe and comfortable campground for all our guests.  From 5th Wheels and Grand RVs to pop-up trailers and tents; we want all our guests to enjoy the beauty of our park and all of the amazing activities, attractions, adventures, and events that the GTA has to offer.  The following rules and regulations are strictly enforced to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience at Milton Heights.  The policies and regulations listed below is not complete and more detailed information can be provided directly through the office. It is up to each individual guest to make themselves aware of our campground rules.

Deposit Policy
  • Daily Rate - On the daily rate one night’s deposit for each site booked is required to complete the booking of a reservation.

  • Monthly Rate - A $500 deposit is required to complete the booking of a reservation for stays a month or longer on the monthly rate. This deposit is applied to your first month’s rent.

  • Security Deposit - On arrival, an additional security deposit is required for guests staying at the monthly rate. These deposits will be returned if there are no outstanding balances at check-out.


* Deposits only apply to that specific rate type. Switching to a different rate type is considered a cancellation and therefore the cancellation policy will apply, and a new booking will have to be made. *

Cancellation Policy
  • Daily Rate - Cancellations for a stay on the daily rate with one week's notice or more from your check-in time will result in a full refund of the deposit minus a $20.00 administration fee for each site that was booked. Cancellation for a stay booked on the daily rate with less than one week's notice of your check-in time will result in no refund. This means our office needs to be notified of a cancellation before 12 noon one week before the day you are scheduled to arrive.  


  • Monthly Rate - Cancellation for guests that have booked on the monthly rate with one week's notice or more will result in a refund minus a $100.00 administration fee. Cancellation for guests that have booked on the monthly rate with less than one week's notice will result in no refund.


* There is a limited number of times a guest can change their arrival date before the office will cancel the reservation. The deposit will be non-refundable if the arrival date is changed three times. *

Refund Policy (after arrival)


  • Once checked in payments are no longer refundable or transferable to future reservations. 


  • No refunds or prorated stays are given for early departures. 

Site Information
  • ADAPTERS can not be used for stays longer than a week. The amperage that your recreational vehicle requires determines the type of site you are to be booked on for the duration of your stay. Disclaimer for stays under a week: If you choose to downgrade to a lower amperage, it is at the discretion of the guest and is therefore your responsibility for any surges or outages that may result.

  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES must remain on your site and not be brought onto other areas of the campground besides your designated site.

  • CANISTERS (gasoline) are not to be stored on camp property. Canisters (propane) neatly stored with a max of two.

  • CLEAN UP sites throughout the duration of your stay. No items should be on the ground of your site. If sites are not clean and tidy after departure a cleanup fee will apply.

  • ENCLOSURES build in front of a doorway can be a maximum of 4x6. Anything larger than this is prohibited. Enclosures must be professionally built and not made using skids. Enclosures can only be set up during the winter.

  • ELECTRIC VEHICLES can not be charged on Milton Heights Campground property. Only RVs can be plugged into our pedestals. 

  • ‘FOR SALE’ SIGNS are not to be displayed on RVs.

  • GAZEBOS or ENCLOSED AWNINGS can be set up on weekends (from Friday to Sunday) and must be taken down and properly stored away during the week (Monday to Thursday) for grass-cutting reasons.

  • HOSES AND CABLES must be stored neatly on-site so that they do not present a tripping or lawn cutting hazard.​

  • KIDS POOLS and SPRINKLERS are not allowed on the park premises.

  • MAINTENANCE STAFF must have full access to sites for any maintenance needs, such as grass cutting.

  • MATTS are not allowed to be placed on sites. A door matt of (2x2) is allowed.

  • OUTDOOR SETUP must be neat and tidy. The only thing allowed during the week outside your RV is camping chairs that can easily be moved for grass-cutting purposes.

  • PICNIC TABLES are not to be removed or moved between sites.

  • SATELLITE dishes must be securely mounted to your RV or place on a tripod on the gravel laneway. A satellite dish must not be placed on the grass as it will be moved by maintenance staff for grass cutting.

  • SURGE PROTECTORS are not allowed to be plugged directly into the campgrounds outlet as they cause arcing.

  • SEWER CONNECTION must be securely attached to the park piping. This means your sewer pipe must have the proper coupling mechanism. If the park’s coupling attachment is missing, notify the office.

  • SEWER TANKS need to be emptied with water added into the tank before it is put into the campground system. Without doing so could result in a blockage which would incur additional charges.

  • SKIRTING that is acceptable is ONLY factory canvas or pre-painted plywood. Skirting must either be black, white, grey or must match the colour of the RV. Skirting must be done neatly and must be completed before the first snowfall. All materials used must be cleaned off-site efficiently. No Styrofoam skirting allowed.

  • SPIRAL STAKES must be removed when your dog is not leashed up to the stake.

Campground Information
  • ACCESS to the campground will not be given without ownership and liability insurance provided to our office.

  • CANNABIS or cannabis-based products are prohibited on the campground.

  • CAMPFIRES must be out at midnight. It is your responsibility to control and extinguish your campfire. It is the guest’s responsibility to make sure the fire does not cause any damage to anyone or anything around them. Flames cannot exceed the top of one fire ring. The Park reserves the right to forbid campfires. Firewood must be purchased at the park. No outside firewood allowed.

  • CHILDREN must always be supervised by parents/guardians. Children under 18 must be on an adult-supervised site by 9 pm. No children under the age of 15 are allowed to stay on the campground during the winter months.

  • CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS are not allowed on the campground at any time. This means that no contracting materials should be found in our garbage bins.

  • DRONES are not permitted on park property.

  • FIREWORKS are not permitted on park property.

  • GARBAGE and RECYCLING are available near the front entrance located on the campground map. No hazardous garbage, outside garbage, or household furniture, can be dumped in our garbage bins.

  • GATE CARDS will only be provided to registered guests and are not to be used to allow visitors into the park.

  • GENERATORS are not permitted on park property.

  • KIDS thirteen and under are not allowed between the months of November to February.

  • LENGTH OF STAY is a maximum length of stay is 8 months.

  • LITTERING is prohibited. Guests are responsible for the cleanliness of their site.

  • MAIL (including packages) will no longer be accepted by the office and all items will be marked Return to Sender.

  • PARKING PASSES must be displayed at all times.

  • PETS must always be on a leash and must not be left unattended. It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet and throw their waste in the garbage. Pets are not allowed in the washroom, pool, store, office, or playground. If a dog bite occurs in the park, Milton Heights Campground has the right to have the guest remove themselves and/or the dog from the park without any refunds or notice.

  • PLAYGROUND closes at 9 pm. No one should be on the children’s playground after this time.

  • POOL RULES are posted. Children must be supervised by a parent/guardian. You must be inside the pool area with your child. No food or drink permitted in or around the pool. No lifeguard on duty.

  • QUIET HOURS are from 11 pm to 8 am. Music and noise must be turned off by 11 pm.

  • SKIDS or PALLETS are not allowed on the campground no matter their condition.

  • TINY HOMES are not allowed on the campground.

  • TREES should never have anything attached or tied to them.

  • UTILITY TRAILERS will not be allowed in parking lots or on sites. All utility trailers must be booked for a site in our storage facility at an additional rate. The units will only be accessible during office hours.

  • VISITORS must visit the office to register their vehicle. Their vehicle must be parked in visitor parking, and not on an empty site. Visitor charges will apply. Visitors must leave the park during quiet hours (11 pm to 8 am). Visitors will not be allowed into the park after 8 pm and must be off-site by 11 pm.

  • WASHROOM and LAUNDRY FACILITIES need to be respected. Do not leave a mess in either area. Regarding the laundry facilities do not overload the machines.

Vehicle Information

  • SPEED LIMIT is 10 KM/H


    • Additional vehicles must register and there will be an additional cost. Only one vehicle can park on your site.

    • Additional vehicles cannot be parked on the grass and must be parked in visitors' parking.

    • Additional vehicles cannot be parked on an empty site. Any vehicles parked on an empty site will be charged a full site fee at the daily rate.

    • No vehicle wheels should be on the grass at any time.


    • Are not to be washed on site.

    • Must be operational to be brought onto the park premises and have insurance and a valid sticker.

    • License plates must be registered with the office.


Recreational Vehicle Requirements


  • All RVs must be owned by the guest staying on-site for stays over a month. The ownership must match the guest.

  • RV insurance must have liability coverage for when the unit is parked and not attached to a vehicle.

  • RVs are expected to meet code and to be maintained by the owner.

  • RVs on the park must have their license plates registered with the office.

  • All RVs must meet the year restriction that Milton Heights Campground has set in place for guests staying long-term (a month or longer) or going into our storage facility.

  • RVs are not to be washed on site.

  • All satellite dishes must be securely mounted onto the RV or mounted on a tripod and tucked next to the RV, not on the grass.

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